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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bristol Properties International believes that home ownership matters and that there are inherent values that come with owning your own home. Deborah Bacarella of Bristol Properties says, "the benefits to you, your family, and your community are immeasurable and contribute to the fabric of our society."

At the recent 2012 National Realtor's Convention, there was a Realtor rally on the National Mall to demonstrate that home ownership is critical to the economy and to the American identity. In fact, six of the last eight recessions ending only after real estate recovered, so the Association urges policymakers to consider strengthening housing through legislation. The event had over 30,000 participants, including Bristol Properties International.

Moe Veissi, the National Association of Realtor President said, "I truly believe that Realtors are the architects of the American dream." At a time when mortgage rates are at a historical low, home inventory is moving again, now is the time to fulfill your American dream and become a home owner.

For more home buying or selling information go to, call (561) 347-1303 in Boca Raton, or (239) 352-6400 in Naples and Bonita Springs.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Thinking about buying real estate in South Florida? Most people assume you should only target foreclosure and short sale properties. While there are many great deals available when seeking low-priced distressed properties, they often are accompanied with a variety of obstacles to overcome.

Bristol Properties International is staffed with seasoned real estate professionals that can walk you through your home buying options, which goes beyond properties in financial trouble. Bristol encourages buyers to explore all housing options, including new construction.

New construction often has many features that resale homes may not offer. For example, developers use the latest, contemporary styles and offer some flexibility on design during the construction phase. New construction is often cheaper to maintain because of their use of new appliances, which equals few repairs. The appliances and home itself is also cheaper to operate because of the new, strict standards of energy efficiency in construction. Additionally, new construction offers extended warranties.
After five years, most homes begin to require costly maintenance and repair. For a home that is twenty-five years or older, you could realistically spend more than $130,000 to bring that home to "like new" condition. But that does not include redecorating or making structural changes.

Additional benefits to buying new construction are that the developments are designed to create a cohesive neighborhood with consistent layouts and common areas. Also, these developments frequently have a homeowner's association, which helps protect resale value. Of course, the deciding factor could simply come down to the fact that "no one had lived in the house before us, so we won't inherit any problems."

Envision your dream home. Now let the Realtors of Bristol Properties International help you find that dream home, whether new construction or just new to you. Bristol's team of professionals is ready to provide a free market analysis and answer their customers every question on available new construction, resale, or commercial properties. In Boca Raton, call (561) 347-1303 or in Naples and Bonita Springs call (259) 352-6400.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bristol Properties International was named Real Estate Brokerage of the Year and Entrepreneur of Year in 2011, and just recently Deborah Bacarella, was named Boca Raton's Best Realtor for 2012. Within the last year, Bristol's team grew by 30 agents, who speak over 15 different languages.

What makes Bristol so different? The answer is Bristol Properties International's concierge approach to anticipating their customer's needs, which has led to the creation of the Bristol Family of Services. Bristol is committed to providing a full-service approach to all your luxury real estate needs. It offers in-house personal property sale services, where Bristol auctions fine art, collectables, antiques and other fine items. Lastly, Bristol Financial provides the appropriate insurance protections and financial products to secure your greatest assets.

Stop by Bristol's Boca office at 253 East Palmetto Park Road, and find out why the company has been winning all these awards. Bristol is staffed with seasoned real estate professionals, but always looking for new Realtors. In Boca Raton, call (561) 347-1303. To learn about the Bristol Opportunity in Naples or Bonita Beach, call (239) 352-6400.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

We are sure you have heard the stories or seen news specials about those unwanted treasures, boxed in everyone's attic. Recently, I visited a client's house, while in the midst of a downsize move. I was told to look around and take anything that may have some value; otherwise everything would be thrown in the trash because the clients would not have room in their new place. I packed several boxes of items to take back to the office to save the customers a trip to the garbage, and with the hopes that some of their items would be worth more than initially anticipated.

We listed a large variety of our client's items, anything from Lladro figurines and Daum Crystal to comic strip art that had occupied wall space for the past thirty years. I remember the last thing the customer told me before I placed the final box in my car was, "hopefully we have a little treasure in our junk." Within the first few weeks, Bristol sold nearly all of the offerings and exceeded their price expectations. One item in particular made her day. We opened bidding on a working proof of a 1970's comic book at $9.99 and closed the auction with a final hammer price of $22,100. After thrilling the customer, she thanked us and mentioned, "I guess you found our hidden treasure."
With multiple locations in Southeast and Southwest Florida, Bristol's highly trained, professional staff can assist you by turning your own unknown treasures into cash.
Bristol Trading Company offers a unique twist in the auction business, and makes selling your valuables extremely easy. The company literally handles everything involved in the sale process. Your offerings are processed through our valuation system, professionally photographed, descriptively listed, and placed into the most appropriate auction venue. Bristol manages payment and ships your sold items- then issues you a check. We specialize in marketing fine art, antiques, collectibles, silver, china, fine jewelry and watches, electronics, automobiles, and real estate- from selling a single exquisite item to a complete estate, Bristol Trading Company is the Intelligent, Effortless Way to Auction.

Bristol recently was contracted to sell two series of very rare sculptures commissioned by the Vatican. If you are interested in learning more, call 561-347-1303 right away to learn how to purchase these historical and valuable items.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

The CPSC has recalled 900,000 child safety cabinet locks that don’t do the job.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 900,000 child safety cabinet locks that don’t keep kids out of cabinets. Nearly 1 million child safety cabinet locks have been recalled because they don’t lock cabinets and won’t work for child-proofing your home.

Three children went to the emergency room after locks failed and they drank or handled toxic cleaners. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Dorel Juvenile Group, has recalled 900,000 Safety 1st Push ‘N Snap Cabinet Locks, which wrap around cabinet door knobs and handles.

The company has received 140 reports that children between ages 9 months and 5 years have been able to disengage the locks and gain access to the cabinet’s contents. In three of the incidents, children went to the emergency room after they opened cabinets and swallowed or handled dishwashing detergent, window cleaner, and oven cleaner. No fatalities were reported.

The CPSC says consumers should immediately remove the recalled locks from cabinets, store dangerous items out of reach of children, and contact DJG for a free replacement.

More tips for child-proofing your home contact the real estate professionals at Bristol Properties International. In Boca Raton, call 561-347-1303 or Naples call 239-352-6400.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012


Is your kitchen storage overwhelmed by gizmos you thought would change your life, but only take up space? You’re not alone. Famous foodies make mistakes, too.

If your kitchen is cluttered with gadgets and gizmos you never use, don’t feel bad. Even foodies who should know better overwhelm their kitchen cabinets with pots, pans, and utensils they never use. In a recent New York Times article, "Top Chef" judge Gail Simmons confesses that her professional-grade espresso maker merely takes up counter space, because she always orders coffee out.

Sara Moulton, host of PBS’s "Sara’s Weeknight Meals," never touches the pressure cooker she just had to have. And Meredith Smith, who edits the food blog Serious Eats, dries fresh pasta (on the rare occasion she makes fresh pasta) on the back of chairs, rather than the drying rack she owns.

What can you do with all these "skeletons in the kitchen closet," as Simmons calls them?

Here are some ways to squeeze in or free up more storage space.

- Hang a pegboard and artistically hook seldom used items there. You could title the wall sculpture, "Seemed like a good idea at the time."

- Upgrade base cabinets with pull-out shelves, which make it easier to see items you store.

- Add cabinets up high. It’s the perfect place for stuff you rarely — or never— use.

- Have a gadget swap with friends. One cook’s dud could be another’s go-to item.

What kitchen items do you regret buying? Where are they now? For more kitchen tips, contact the real estate experts from Bristol Properties International. Email or call 561-347-1303 in Boca Raton or 239-352-6400 in Naples, Florida.

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